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2035 micronized PP wax powder
  • [Application System:,Solvent System,Powder System,   Application Area:,Coil coatings,Wood Coatings,Powder Coatings,Metal Paint,]

  • Product Features
    Micronized PP wax
  • Technical data
    It has the following characteristics:
    ·  Good transparency property.
    ·  Improve the smoothness and anti-scratching properties of the coating film.
    ·  Good fineness, narrow particle size distribution.
    ·  Easy to disperse, good compatibility with solvent and gloss oil.
    ·  Enhance the abrasion resistance and matting effect for powder coating.

    Appearancewhite powder
    Melting point GB/T 12766-2008150
    Density GB/T 1033.1-20080.94~0.96g/cm3
    Penetration value GB/T 4985-20101.0 10-1mm
    Average particle diameter GB-T 19077.1-2008: 5-8μm
    Acid value GB264-83:  N/A    mgKOH/g

  • Application Guidelines
    The product is recommended to be used in industrial paint, coil coating, can coating, UV coating and wood coating. This product can be added during any of the processing, it is uniform dispersion after the mixture.
  • Recommended Dosage
    The recommended supplementation ratio(ratio of the gross ingredient) is 0.5-1%, please choose the best supplementation according to the different demands actually.
  • Packaging and Storage
    The product is packed by 20kg/paper bag, please store it in a cool and dry place. The storage period of the product is up to 24 months at least, since the delivery date. After it all, the product should be inspected before usage.
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  • Laws and Regulations
    All the ingredients are complied with the regulations listed in the TSCA (USA) and the EINECS (EU), and all are safe and environmentally friendly, strictly hew to the latest regulations on environmental protection in Europe. For more information, please feel free to contact us-Longhai Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Remark:The above data is only for reference in the process,please test it before using.